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did you know?
did you know


  • Facebook is the no.1 website worldwide with more page views than Google
  • 1.40 Billion people use Facebook today, Daily active user 920 Million, average number of friends per Facebook user is more than 140 and average minutes spent on Facebook per visit is 35
  • Facebook attracts directs 84% social media traffic to stories with lengthy content while 84% is led to shorter news content
  • Here are about more than 30 million dead people on Facebook
  • You can’t block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook
  • 1 in 5 people feels more dissatisfied with their lives after visiting Facebook
  • A blogger hired a woman to slap him every time he’s on Facebook
  • You can change your language on Facebook to pirate
  • Study shows that using the Facebook or internet too much makes brain lazy
  • Facebook has been blocked in china since 2009
  • Adding the number “4” to the Facebook URL will directly lead you to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page
  • Adolf Hitler is not the founder of Facebook 🙂
  • Facebook made big changes to their algorithm in January 2018
  • You can fly from any Airport without announcing it on Facebook

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  • More than 65% of people say they don’t open an e-mail because of the subject line
  • There are nine times as many marketing e-mail sent each year as direct mail pieces delivered by the US postal service
  • 75% of mail open occur in the first two days after an e-mail is sent. E-mail open rates are noticeably lower on weekends than on weekdays
  • 86% of marketers choose e-mail for business communications because e-mails provide higher engagement rates
  • E- mail marketing was the most effective channel for customer retention, leading social network marketing by almost 25%
  • 145 Billion e-mail are sent worldwide per day. 75% business and 25% personal.
  • 3.5 Billion registered e-mail accounts as of 2018. 75% consumer accounts and 25% business
  • More than 2 billion people worldwide access e-mail through a mobile devices
  • 65% of all e-mails sent are spam but filter catch most of it
  • 11.5 hours average times spent reading+answering e-mails per week
  • 60% of prospects do read marketing e-mails
  • 67% of prospects make a purchase due to predictive e-mail marketing

Privacy and Data Protection

Data protection is about safeguarding our fundamental right to privacy, which is enshrined in international and regional laws and conventions. We are very attached to our personal data.
Your response to privacy issues

What is Data Protection?

Data protection is about safeguarding our fundamental right to privacy, which is enshrined in international and regional laws and conventions. We are very attached to our personal data.

Data Privacy Assessment

  • Transparency
  • Purpose Specification
  • Use and disclosure of information
  • Personal information security
  • Accurateness and update of personal information stored
  • Retention time
  • The individual right of access
  • Data privacy awareness training
  • Regulatory compliance visibility

Privacy VS Security


  • Privacy policy/ statements
  • Notification of registries/ processing to DPAs
  • Rights of data subjects
  • Purpose binding
  • Proportionality
  • Data quality
  • Lawful onward data transfer
  • Collection of personal information
  • Access to personal information


  • Security organization
  • Personal security
  • IT service management
  • System development
  • Data is reliable and accurate
  • Data is available for use when it is needed

Privacy + Security

  • Security policy
  • Data classification
  • Logical access security
  • Availability
  • Compliance
  • Protection of personal information

Personal Data Processing Principle

  • Processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner
  • Collected for specific and legitimate purposes, It cannot be used for anything other than these stated purposes
  • Relevant and limited to whatever the requirements are for which they are processed
  • Accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date. Any inac- curacies must be fixed or removed without undue delay
  • Stored for only as long as is required, as specified in the records retention policy
  •  Secured with an appropriate security solution. which should protect against unauthorized or unlawful process- sing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage

Redefining Data Security


  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Data loss and endpoint
  • Application security
  • Website vulnerability
  • Data classification
  • Code review
  • Technical and program health checks for data loss prevention


  • Data Encryption
  • Messaging security
  • Application security
  • Web security
  • Endpoint security
  • DLP
  • Implementation services
  • Upgrade service
  • Managed/ Cloud hard disk encryption


  • Audit and compliance
  • Network penetration
  • solutions training
  • Product and deployment knowledge transfer

Strategic Consulting

  • Security strategy development
  • Policy and procedures creation
  • Architecture planing and design
  • compliance

Information Life Cycle


  • No consent given
  • Illegal/unfair/excessive collection
  • Forced consent/ no choice
  • Prohibition of consent
  • Unsecured collection
  • Misleading purpose
  • Unauthorized secondary purpose
  • Indiscreet conversation
  • Tracking of usage


  • Illegal access/usage
  • Sale of data
  • Negligent usage/misuse
  • Invasion of privacy/analytics
  • Error in processing
  • Inaccurate/outdated data
  • Data/account hacked
  • Phishing
  • Identity theft


  • Loss of data
  • lost archives
  • Improper disposal
  • Improper disposal
  • Unlimited retention
  • Unsecured data
  • Virus/malware
  • Data compromised
  • lost device
  • Unprotected device


  • Social engineering
  • Unauthorized disclosure
  • Misrepresentation
  • Confidentiality breached
  • Cross-border violation
  • Illegal access
  • Dental of access
  • Insecure transmissions

4 Steps of Privacy

Step 1 : Embed

A culture of privacy that enables compliance

Step 2 : Establish

Robust and effective privacy processes

Step 3 : Evaluate

Your privacy processes to ensure continued effectiveness

Step 4 : Enhance

Your response to privacy issues

Teaching with Technology

Teaching with technology
Using Technology

Teaching Technology

Teaching with the technology is an introduction to using computers and mobile devices for education. You can teach by using online application, software and tools for teaching with specific focus on second language acquisition, classroom management, lesson creation, and collaborative projects.

Why do we need technology in education?

  • Teacher’s performance increasing.
  • Student’s motivation, engagement and learning
  • Student’s higher order thinking skills
  • Student’s ability to work collaboratively
  • It makes students more excited to learn
  • Help students with busy schedules, freedom to work at home on their own time.
  • Train students to learn new technology skills they can use later in the work place.
  • Decrease paper and photocopying costs, promoting concept of ” Green Revolution”

5 Ways to Teach Social Studies with Digital Resources

  1. Make reading active
  2. Give life to primary sources
  3. Personalize instruction
  4. Pair Literature with multi-media content
  5. Foster Collaboration

11 Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom

  1. Learn something new with Brain Pop‘s video of the day.
  2. Conduct surveys on Twitter and graph the data.
  3. Enjoy professional development in your PJs by attending has teacher chat on Wednesday nights on Twitter.
  4. Dance out the wiggle to a song on Pandora
  5. Have students use Glogster to share what they’ve learned about a topic.
  6. Class Pen Pals: Team up with classes in other states or countries and Skype with them.
  7. Use the voice recorder on your iPad to record students reading aloud during IRAs.
  8. Create a class blog to share classroom news and events with families.
  9. Use Math apps during centers: Some are: 1.Math Drills 2.Native Numbers 3.Sushi Monster 4. TanZen 5. Operation Math Code Squad.
  10. Find ideas,inspiration, and resources for lesson on Pinterest.
  11. Use google docs, Evernote, and DropBox to organize lessons, printable, assessments and many more.

Why use Technology

  • Interactivity
  • Content delivery or revision
  • Managing learning and resources
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Sense of cohort
  • Variety of teaching and learning preferences
  • Formative assessment

Top 10 IT Issues

  1. Information Security
  2. Optimizing educational technology
  3. Students success technologies
  4. IT workforce hiring and retention
  5. Institutional data management
  6. IT funding
  7. BI and analytics
  8. Enterprise application integration
  9. IT organizational development
  10. E-learning and online education

5 Social Media Tips for Teacher

  1. Stay connected to your personal learning network even though school is back in session
  2. Get your colleagues on board and see if you can accomplish new projects using social media
  3. Set aside time to use social media for personal use. Every second doesn’t need to be a learning experience
  4. Try out a new social network this year
  5. Become an expert in one social network

Top 10 Website for Teacher

  1. Google Classroom : This site is great for every teacher. It’s revolutionized the way so many teachers manage their classrooms. Distribute, collect and management is main tools of this site.
  2. Teacher Tube : It is the best source for instructional videos in a safe environment.
  3. Flocabulary : It’s best for teaching vocabulary. Each lesson is presented in rap form! find videos, play vocabulary games, reproducible and more.
  4. EDSITment : It’s best for history and developed by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Trust for the Humanities. it’s offers lesson plans as well as primary sources, videos and photos for a wide range of humanities topics and also it’s totally free.
  5. Google Earth : It’s best for Geography. You do many thing with google earth such as zoo over the Sahara desert, watch Eiffel Tower, see Great wall of China etc.
  6. ReadWriteThink: It’s best for student interactive tools. It’s along with dozens of engaging language arts interactive tools and lesson plans.
  7. Common Sense Media: It’s best for Reviews. Find teacher’s written reviews of thousands of educational tools, apps and programs with this site.
  8. Daily Starters: It’s best for way to start the day. It’s also offer establish a morning routine with scholastic’s daily starters, fun, fast math, language, arts etc.
  9. Book Wizard : It’s best for finding and leveling books.
  10. Scholastic Teachable : It’s best for teacher resources. It’s the best of Scholastic classroom resources right at your fingertips.

How many social media sites are there?

In this page, we discuss some of the most popular social media sites that are being explored by the world today. Here you can find out if your favorite social media platform is a part of this list or not listed and even learn about some really good online social platforms that you can start using today.

The answer of “how many social media sites are there?” is ” I am sorry I have no any idea”, because there are a lots of social site in this world which is grow day by day. So no one can give this question answer..As per the statistics revealed on Statista, approximately more than 2 billion users used different types of social networking sites and apps in 2015. Now with the increased use of mobile devices, this number is likely to cross the more than 2.6 billion mark by 2018.

Here are the list of some important Social apps, which I know and tested myself.

Most used Social Networks

  • Facebook : We all know what is Facebook, this social networks is easily the largest social networking site in this world and one of the most widely used. This is the first social app that surpassed the landmark of more than 1 billion user accounts. View Interesting Facts About Facebook
  • YouTube : This is the world’s largest video sharing social networking site that enables users to share and upload videos, comment on them and view them and also like them too. Users can create channel called “YouTube Channel” where they can upload all their personally recorded videos to showcase to their family, friends and followers. If your channel grow or famous you can also get dollar when you monetize your channel.
  • LinkedIn : Another most popular professional social networking sites is available in over 20 languages. This site or apps boasts over 400 million members.
  • Instagram : It was launched as a unique social networking platform that was completely based on sharing multimedia such as photos and videos. It;s enables you to capture the best moments of your life, with your smartphones, digital camera, DSLR camera and convert them into works of art.
  • WhatsApp : It’s a platform which exists as an independent entity, despite having been acquired by Facebook in 2014. This site/apps arrived much later than Facebook, but it has been able to capture the imagination of millions of people all over the world by giving them the ability to communicate and share instantly with individuals and groups.
  • Twitter : This site is famous in post short text messages called “tweets”, containing a limited number of characters up to 140, to convey your message to the world. It’s also makes it possible to promote your business through tweets.
  • Snap-chat : It’s a platform that enables you to chat with friends by using pictures, that’s why this site called image messaging social platforms. You can also explore news and even check out live stories that happening around the world.
  • Google+ : Everyone know “Google” the tech giant Alphabet, its also one of the parts of Google which interest-based social networking platform enables you ti stay in touch with people by sharing text messages, photos, videos and useful links to sites and so on.

Social Networks to find a jobs

  • Xing : One of the professional business network site with more than 15 million member worldwide. This site is a free for better working life and it’s suitable for mainly European country, but it’s claiming to be used in over 200 countries
  • Bebee : This site is found in 2014, It is professional network which encourages the sharing of knowledge and interests and also providing an extensive jobs board. This site is same as like LinkedIn.
  • Freelancer: freelancer is founded in 2009 and it’s located in Sydney, Australia. It is a global crowd sourcing marketplace website and it’s allows potential employers to post jobs that freelancers can then bid to complete
  • Womenalia : It is the first worldwide social network for professional women. More than 296,696 professional women already connected here. This site is great for women who want to make their life better in social network.
  • Flicker : Everyone know this is an image hosting service and video hosting service too. It was created in 2004. Today it has been owned by SmugMugsince April 2018.
  • Pinterest : It is a social media web and mobile application company that operates a software system designed to discover the information on the WWW.
  • 500px : Join and share inspiring photography with the world with this brilliant photography website. Here are more than 15 million users from all over the world and they share their best photographs and earn money.

Social Networks for Dating

  • Tindar
  • Badoo
  • Tantan
  • Lovoo
  • Meetic
  • Adopt a Guy
  • Grinder

Social Networks for Videos

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Tu.tv
  • Funny or die

Social Networks for Musicians

  • My Space
  • Spotify
  • SoundCloud
  • ReverbNation

Quotes for Social Media Security

We just collect some interesting quotes for social media security. All quotes source from different types of website and some of own and some of from others peoples who is famous in all over the world.

Quotes for Social Media Security
Privacy is dead, and social media holds the smoking gun.

Mix Social Quotes

  • Security is a big concern on the social web. People are going to try to destroy of social media just like they are trying to breach data in other areas. –>Sandy Carter
  • Life without you is like Facebook without friends, YouTube without videos and Google with no result.
  • Wikipedia- I know everything! , Google-I have everything! , Facebook- I know everybody! , Internet- Without me, you are all nothing! and Electricity- Keep talking’, bitches.
  • No amount of security is worth the suffering of a mediocre life chained to a routine that has killed your dreams. –> Maya Mendoza
  • Social media is dangerous place to seek affirmation, acceptance, identity and security. –> Cornelius Lindsey
  • Privacy is dead, and social media holds the smoking gun.
  • I go to social media, check out my granddaughter’s new boyfriend, but the department of homeland security can’t figure out they need to be tracking they jihadi web sites. –> Carly Fiorina
  • There is no security in a man “posting” you on social media. He will DM another woman with you as his profile picture. It’s bad out here! –>https://www.frenchingfrogs.com
  • I have social anxiety. It’s easier up on stage because there’s security in being there. When I’m off stage I’m trying not to be a manic freak. I’m quite shy.–>Sia Furler
  • Security is mostly a superstition. Life is a either a daring adventure or nothing. –> Helen Killer
  • 89% of internet users search online before they make a purchase, even when the purchase is made at a local business.
  • Our head of social media is the customer.
  • Social marketing eliminates the middlemen, providing brands the unique opportunity to have a direct relationship with their customer.
  • We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it? –> Erik Qualman
  • Online is old news. Online in social media is today’s news… Social media is not a subset of the internet. Social media is the internet.
  • Twitter makes you think you’re wise, Instagram makes you think you’re a photographer, Facebook makes you think you have friends.
  • It’s not you it’s your social media behavior.
  • For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, plus a social media overreaction.
  • You only live once. Make sure you spend 15 hrs on the internet daily, desperately seeking validation from strangers.
  • May your life be as amazing as your social media profiles make it seem.
  • Social media is like teen sex. Everyone wants to do it. nobody knows how. When it’s finally done there is surprise it’s not better. –> Avinash Kaushik
  • Social media is not making people stupid it is just making them more visible.
    • In case of fire: Please leave the building before posting it on social media.

Quotes over Facebook

Welcome to Facebook , the place where relationships are perfect,liars believe they are telling the truth, and the world shows off they are living a great life: Where your enemies are the ones that visit your profile the most, your friends and family block you, and even though you write what you are really thinking, someone takes it the wrong way !!

Quotes over Facebook
Oh, you’re popular on Facebook? That’s cool. I mean, these days it’s easy to have 1500 friends that you’ve never met before.
  • I want to make my name on Facebook ” Nobody” so when I see someone post something stupid I can like it, and it will say “Nobody Likes This”
  • May your life someday be as awesome as you pretend it is on Facebook.
  • Oh, you’re popular on Facebook? That’s cool. I mean, these days it’s easy to have 1500 friends that you’ve never met before.
  • Facebook needs three buttons, “Like”, “Dislike”, and “Stop being stupid”. –>https://www.coolfunnyquotes.com
  • Facebook is like a relationship, faithful on your wall, but cheating in their inbox.
  • Facebook, the place where most people post their problems for everyone to see, except the person with whom they’re having the problem with!
  • Facebook is the ultimate weapon of couples, distraction and relationships destruction. –> Klodya Daoud
  • Being popular on Facebook is like sitting at the cool table in a cafeteria at a Mental Hospital.
  • I hate when Facebook ask to share what’s in your Mind ? It is always she. And I just can’t share her.
  • Face your problems, don’t Facebook them.
  • Facebook would be much more interesting if they let you decide which part of the body you wanna poke.
  • Thanks to Facebook I know what everyone’s bathroom looks like one mirror at a time.
  • Facebook says we are “Friends”…But trust me, I would not hesitate to punch you in the face.
  • Do you want to make money from Facebook? It’s easy. Just go to your account setting, deactivate your account, and go to work!
  • This is my Facebook I post what I want. Don’t like it? Unfriend Me.
  • Hey dude wanna come over to Myspace and twitter my yahoo, till google all over your Facebook
  • Facebook helping people remembering birthdays since 2004
  • Logout is the hardest button to click
  • Facebook=Worrying= Waste of time. Good and bad things will happen in life. You just have to keep living and not stress over what you can’t control.
  • I wonder what Facebook employees do to waste time at work???
  • Facebook is like a jail. You sit around, waste time, have a profile picture, write on walls and get poked by guys you don’t really know.
  • Facebook is like a fridge. Even though yo know nothing new is going on, you still go and aimlessly check every 10 minutes.
  • Facebook should have a limit on how many times you can change your relationship status. after 3 it should default to “Unstable”.
  • The profile cover of this user had been disabled, due to unreadable good-looks, charm, and charisma.
  • When I die I want my last words to be, “I left a million dollars under the…”
  • Dad joined Facebook. Kid’s status update: Dad on FB, WTF! Dad commented, What is WTF? Kid replied him, Welcome To Facebook! 🙂
  • If I’m not on Facebook for more than 2 days… Call the police!!!
  • I’m ready to change my Facebook relationship status if you are. –>http://coolfbcovers.com/

What is 5G Technology

5G technology refer to short name of fifth generation which was started . It is the complete wireless communication with almost no limitations, it is highly supportable to WWWW ( Wireless World Wide Web).

High speed, High capacity, Faster data transmission that of the previous generation is the main benefits of 5G. It is more effective and more attractive. This technology into the mobile marketplace will launch a new revolution in the way international cellular plans are offered.

5G is the complete wireless communication with almost no limitations
5G technology refer to short name of fifth generation which was started from late 2010. 5G is the complete wireless communication with almost no limitations, it is highly supportable to WWWW ( Wireless World Wide Web).

How Fast is 5G?

On January 2, 2014 South Korea announced that they plan to roll out a next generation 5G wireless network. This would be quick enough to download full length movies in a mere second. The ministry of science said it aims to implement the technology, which is about 1ooo times faster than the current available 4G network by 2020.

Wireless services

  • 1997 –>GPRS = 50 Kbps
  • 1998 –>EDGE = 250 Kbps
  • 2001 –>3G = 334 Kbps
  • 2009 –>4G = 150 Mbps
  • 2020 –>5G = 6400 Mbps

5G= 2G+3G+4G+Wifi+?

By now we must have reliased one thing. Every upcoming new generation is better than the previous one, and not by a small margin. With 5G, the theoretical download speeds are expected to hit 10 Gbps, making it 100 time faster than 4G. Wi-Fi technology is also part of this heterogeneous equation and will play an important part in it. Wi-Fi derived technology will help the standard achieve that is in higher data transfer rate.
Here are the some of the standards 5G expected to meet:

  • 5G based technology is expected to handle a large amount data in tense of megabytes, this would mean efficient and faster connectivity with speeds upto 10 Gbps.
  • It is wxpected to offer latency or less than 1 milisecond end to end round trip delay.
  • Supreme bandwidth of a 1,000 times per unit area, which can supporta hundered thousand simulaneous active connections.
  • It is being perceived that 5G could bring 99.99%availability which coildeffetively mean the highest connection rates between the cell towers.
  • 5G is also suggested to cover nearly 100% of the geographical area. This could essentially ofer better connectivy over remoteterrain and rural area.
  • 5G is battery efficent connection, which will in turn make the whole prosecc cost effctive.

D2D Communication in 5G

  • Hyper-dense Networks –> The co-existence of large number of devices can also be used to exploit D2D social aware networking
  • MU-MIMO and Massive MIMO –> The antena array of very large size is used at BS to serve multiple users in the network for given resource block
  • Energy harvesting –> Enabling devices to harvest energy from renewable energy sources
  • Leveraging other spectrum –> By using mmWave D2D communication, direct concurrent links can be supported, resulting in an enhanced network capacity
  • Vehicular ad-hoc networks –> D2D links can be utilized to develop communication links between futuristic autonomous vehiclesas a mean of failure recovery mechanism
  • IoT Communications –> The D2D networks have close resemblance to future IoT networks, and considered to be an integral part of wider concept of IoT implementation

5G Use Cases

  • Broadband experience, everywhere anywhere
  • Smart vehicles transport and infrastructure
  • Media everywhere
  • Critical control of remote devices
  • Interaction Human- IOT

Features of 5G Technology

  • Bi-directional large bandwidth.
  • Large broadcasting
  • Less traffic
  • Connectivity just about the world
  • Uploading and downloading speed of 5G technology touching the peak
  • Fast and Better solution
  • Based on policy to avoid error
  • Support virtual private network
  • More attractive and effective

Disadvantages of 5G

  • Technology is still under process and research on it’s viability is going on
  • The speed of this technology is claiming seems difficult to achieve because of the incompetent technological support in most parts of the world
  • Many of the old devices would not be competent to 5G, hence, all of them need to be replaced with new one to expensive deal
  • Developing infrastructure needs high cost
  • Security and privacy issue yet to be solved


  • All totally the best way to help all users is to use 5G as the next generation wireless system an totally it is safety and secure for public, this is the need that demands the solution
  • Today’s wired society is going wireless and if it has problem, 5G is answer
  • 5G technology is going to give tough competition to Computers and Laptops
  • It will be available in the market 2020 at very affordable cost with more reliability than previous mobiles devices

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How to Build Social Media Marketing Strategy Goals ?

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media networking sites are no-cost or low-cost marketing tools for our business or brand. Using this platforms facilities the building of networks and allows conversations. This relationship building process encourage trust and increases confidence in your services or products.

Social media marketing helps you to elevate your audience and customer and it is an essential element for digital business. It also increase site popularity and bring potential customers to our niche area. More than 50% of small businesses aren’t using social media to promote their business. In social media Marketers engage in social media by:

  • Using the existing ones
  • Setting up their own

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Content + Social Media Marketing = Online Success

The order of the benefits of social media marketing

  • Increase in Traffic = 79%
  • Created more Loyal Fans = 68%
  • Best for Marketplace Insights = 66%
  • Generate loyal leads = 66%
  • Increase search ranking = 58%
  • Growth in business partnership = 55%
  • Established in thought leadership = 54%
  • Sales Improvement = 51%
  • Less marketing expenses = 50%

Content Marketing VS Social Media Marketing

In the social media marketing, the focus of the marketing activity is located within the chosen social networks. Social media campaigns are operated inside of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. The content produced is placed inside of these networks according to their rules and regulation.

  • Social Media Marketing : Direct or indirect marketing shared through social web.
  • Content Marketing : Online and offline created and shared for the purpose of directly promoting a business
  • Social Media Marketing + Content Marketing : Publish amazing content and let the world know about it through the tools of social media

Digital Marketing Trends 2018

  • Emails with social sharing buttons increase click through rates by 158%
  • Nearly 50% of companies have content marketing strategy
  • 67% of business to business content marketers consider event marketing most effective strategy
  • 33% of traffic from google organic search goes to the top 5 items listed
  • Social media marketing budget over the next 5 years will double

The Marketing Mix

  1. Place : Location, Accessibility, Parking, Local Attractions, State of repair, Perceived, Quality
  2. Product : Types of room, Bedroom, Furnishings, Clean Bathroom, Breakfast Menu, Local Knowledge, WiFi
  3. People : Chearful Hosts, Empathy with Guests, Personal Touch, Flexibility, Communication
  4. Process : Easy to Book, Clear Instructions, Easy to pay, Cash- Credit card, Bank Transfer, Cancellation terms
  5. Promotion : Online- Offline, E-mail News, Banner Advertising, Google Ads and SEO, Guest Reviews, Your Own Website, Social Media, Local Events
  6. Price : Value, Competitive Last Minute deals, Special Offers, Multi- Night stays, Varied room rates

Social Media Statistics

  • Total Population = 7.357 Billion
  • Active Internet Users = 3.175 Billion
  • Active Social Media Users = 2.206 Billion
  • Unique Mobile Users = 3.734 Billion
  • Active Mobile Social Users = 1.925 Billion

Social Media Facts 2018

  • 645 Million people look at local business pages on Facebook per week
  • 43% have found new customers via LinkedIn
  • 60% claim that they think more highly of businesses that receive positive feedback and comments on social media
  • 96% of small business owners now use social media marketing and 92% of them agree that this type of marketing is very important for their business
  • 50% of shoppers claim to have bought a products or service based on recommendations they receive via their social media networks
  • The number of worldwide social media users is projected to grow from 2.1 billion by 2018
  • Over 75% of all Internet users use social media

Trinity of Digital Marketing

  1. Content : Blog post, slides, info graphic, videos, podcasts, image
  2. Social : Social networks, reach, influence, engagement, communities, reputation
  3. SEO : Web speed, Keywords, Link building, Architecture, optimization

Content + Social + SEO = Digital Marketing

Social Media VS Social Business

Social Media

  • Finding friends
  • Asking any people to like you
  • Sorting friends into various lists
  • You can share anything in real time
  • Product recommendations
  • Generating online recognition

Social Business

  • Finding subject matter experts
  • Crow sourcing business solutions
  • Online collaboration
  • Building communities around silos
  • Creating the two-way dailogue
  • Collective business knowledge
  • Building a personal brand


Branding is one of the most obvious benefits for most businesses using social media. Whether users directly engage with your new brand or not, they will still see your brand name within the networks which they use.

The more impression a consumer gets of your business, the more likely they will remember your name in the future. Whether you are shoe retailer or a non-profit looking to gain recognition for your cause, brand awareness is vital for your continued success.

Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing

Online Marketing

  • Website Marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay-per click advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Video Marketing

Offline Marketing

  • TV Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Radio Marketing
  • Billboard Marketin

Six Out Of 10

six out of 10 respondents suffered an average of more than 2 million in losses due to security incidents involving web 2.0 technologies.

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3d printing articles 2018

What is 3D Printing ?

3D printing is also known a additive manufacturing, is the process of creating an object by “printing” or laying down material layers until the object is formed. Like an office printer that puts 2D digital files on a piece of paper, a 3D printer creates components by depositing thin layers of material one after another using a digital blueprint until the exact types of components required has been created. 3D printing has the potential to transform science and technology creating bespoke and low-cost appliances which have previously required dedicated facilities. The inception of 3D printing can be traced back to 1976, at that time inkjet printer also invented.

System Requirements

Current and possible technology:

1.Scaffold based approaches

  • Porogen leaching
  • Phase separated scaffolds
  • Gas foaming

2.Textile technologies

  • Electrospinning
  • Knitting and braiding

3.Direct 3D printing technologies

  • Stereo lithography
  • Selective laser sintering
  • Three dimensional printing
  • Systems based on extrusion or direct writing
  • Indirect 3D printing

Mechanical Components

  • Parts of the 3D printer
  • Print base and print head
  • Bionik, extracellular matrix arranged in which cells are layer by layer arranged in particular manner
  • Extracellular matrix should have the same viscous properties as embryonic tissue

Mechanical Processes

There are two types of techniques used

  1. Selective Laser Sintering

The machine uses a computer controlled laser to draw the button cross section onto the surface of a bed coated with a powdered polymer that melts and fuses where struck by the laser. It consists of two pistons and a roller. The build piston moves upwards and the roller pushes the polymeric powder into the build piston. The build pistons is then lowered to depth corresponding to the section’s thickness. The feed piston is moves up again and the roller pushes some of more material. And the next cross section is drawn by directly on top of the previous one. This is repeated until the parts is finished.

2.Fusion Deposition Modeling

The FDM technology is works using a plastic filament or metal wire which is unwound from a coil and supplies materials to an heated extrusion nozzle which can move in any directions. The molten polymeric material is dropped in the form of beads. It instantly solidifies when it exits nozzle forming one layer.

3D Printing Process

Using a 3D digital CAD model as the Blueprint, successive layers of material are precisely deposited or fused by computer controlled print head into the desired 3 dimensional shape. No machining of the part is required, thus no raw material is wasted.

3D Cad Model –> STL file –> Slicing Software –>Layer Slices and Tool Path –> 3D Printer –> 3D Object

Diy 3D Printer


  • Control module – Controller and motor driver
  • Extruder module – Feed and melt filament
  • Router module – XYZ axis movement
  • Print Bed module- Printing bed


  • Draw – Tinkercad
  • Print – Repetier, Ponterface

3D Bioprinting Organs

  • Include growth factors in the scaffolds
  • Have biodegradable scaffolds rather than non-ones or bio active as well
  • Having nano-modification on the scaffolds for better cell in-growth
  • Needs to be included in the scaffold: extracellular matrix, growth factors, vascular network and different cell types
  • Living cells will be patterned into hydro-gel tissue scaffolds.

3D Printing the Future

Industries that apply 3DP today and will apply in future, in case the intended adoption is put into practice is in percentage %

  • Automotive and Aerospace = Current 29% In future 49%
  • Plastics = Current 38% In future 45%
  • Mechanical and plant engineering = Current 29% In future 44%
  • Electronics = Current 27% In future 43%
  • Pharma and Medical = Current 28% In future 38%
  • Consumer goods = Current 18% In future 26%
  • Energy = Current 14% In future 23%
  • Logistics and Transport = Current 10% In future 16%

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Cyber, System and Network Security

Cyber Crime and networking security
Cyber crime is big problem ….

Types of Cyber Security

  • Credit card theft
  • Cyber terrorism
  • Electronic bullying and stalking
  • Identity theft
  • Network intrusions
  • Software piracy

Structure of Cyber Security

  • Mechanisms :- Intrusion and malware detection, Access control, TPM, MTD, Cryptography.
  • Design :- Security architecture, Security Policy, Security metrics, Attack-defense experiments, MA
  • Supporting Techniques :- Network Science, Complex system science, Algebraic graph theory
  • Data-driven :- Statistics, Machine learning, Big data analytics
  • First-principle :- Dynamical Systems, Statistical physics, Stochastic processes, Economic and human factors
  • Operation :- Algorithms, Control theory, Risk management, Game theory

How to Protect Yourself…

  • Always install software updates as soon as they’r available. Whether you’re updating the operating system or an application, the update will often includes fixes for critical security vulnerabilities.
  • Don’t click on links, or open any attachments, you receive in unsolicited e-mails or SMS. The links may leads to malicious website, and any attachments could be infected with malware.
  • Install Anti- Virus software on your PC and mobile devices, and keep it updated. Bear in mind that ransomware can often be picked up by visiting disreputable website including illegal movie streaming websites and some adult sites.
  • Create regular backups of your important files to an external HDD, memory or online storage provider. It’s important that the devices you backups to isn’t left connected to your computer as any malware infected could spread to that too.
  • Don’t pay extortion demands as this only feeds into criminals hands, and there’s no guarantee that access to your files will be restored if you do pay.

Top 10 Network Security Tips

  1. Be aware of phishing attacks
  2. Bio metrics identifications
  3. Password Security
  4. Safeguard your data
  5. Mobile suvviness
  6. Manage risks with the internet of things
  7. Keep the operating system updated
  8. Stay informed of current cyber attacks events and follow precaution measures
  9. PsyOps
  10. Smart shopping

Hot IT Career Choices in 2019

  • System Security Administrator = $72K
  • Data Security Analyst = $78K
  • Network Security Engineer = $78K
  • Information System Security Manager = $120K
  • Chief Privacy Officer = $130K
  • Chief Information Security Officer = $180K
  • Chief Risk Officer = $ 186K

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