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Ergonomics for Computer Users

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the scientific study of human work conditions and developing a comfortable position helps us work better.

Exercise for the office

  • The biggest injury risk factors is static posture
  • Try to spend at least 5 to 8 minutes every hour away from your computer
  • Remember to only stretch to the point of mild tension
  • Try to incorporate the stretches into your daily routine
  • Tightly clench your hand into a first and release, fanning out the fingers. Repeat 3-4 times

Obey a Few Typing Rules

  • When typing, relax your hands and fingers. Do not bend your wrists upward as this will put pressure on the carpal tunnels inside your wrists.
  • Maintain straights alignment of your arms while your hands are slightly curved on the keyboard.
  • Avoid excessive reaching your keyboard, files, pointing device and telephone should be within easy reach.
  • Use the keyboard trays to properly position your and pointing device keyboard .
  • Use the copy holder positioned in line with
    and keyboard your monitor .
  • When writing on the computer, avoid excessive reaching over the keyboard and work materials. A sturdy in line copy holder can double as a writing in the surface if appropriately positioned.

Speed Up Your Computer

Speed Up PC Trick example
  • Press win+R at the same time to open Run
  • Type msconfig and press enter. Go to startup button and uptick the startup item which you want to remove from startup. Click open task if your OS is win 8 or win 10.
  • Open run again and type %temp% and press enter and clean everything.
  • Open run again and type “prefetch” press enter and clean everything.
  • Finally Run again and type “tree” and press enter.
  • Restart the PC and Enjoy the Speed.

Find IP Address

Find IP address with CMD

  • Open your Command Prompt as “Run as administrator”
  • Type – ping and hit enter
  • Some website are available to trace the IP Address or

Copy Text From Image

Copy text from images screenshot
  • First you need to install Microsoft Office
  • Now open OneNote and drag-drop any images to extract text from it
  • Now select the image and right click select Copy Text From Picture
  • Now open ant text or word editor like notepad, wordpad and paste the copied text

Use Browser As A Video- Audio Player

Use Browser As A Video- Audio Player
  • Do you know you can use your browser as a Video-Audio Player. See here
  • It is so simple, just you have to drag and drop your audio or video file into your browser. That’s it

Make Bootable USB Using CMD

Make Bootable USB Using CMD
  • If you have only the installation files of windows not a bootable ISO then you can create bootable USB easily with CMD
  • Now open CMD
  • Type diskpart and hit enter
  • Type list disk and hit enter
  • Now select your USB disk
  • Type select disk where your disk as disk 1, disk 2 etc.
  • Type clean and hit enter
  • Type create partition primary and hit enter
  • Type select partition
  • Type Format fs=ntfs quick
  • Type active and exit cmd
  • Now copy your windows installation file and you are done. Now you can successful boot your pac using USB