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Tips for Hand Set

  • The further away from our body the phone is the less radiation we are exposed to. Using a hands-free set is the easiest way for radically reduce the amount of radiation we are exposed to if we use a mobile phone.
  • It’s not only the choice of the phone, but how we use it that is important when we want to control the amount of radiation that we are exposed to. Here, we will find a few simple tips that can considerably reduce radiation and therefore also health risks.
  • By covering large areas of the phone with our hand, we reduce its ability to send and receive signals. The phone increases its power and transmits stronger radiation to compensate this. That’s why hold the phone as far down as possible, so it can operate at low power when use.

Hide Any File on Android

  • First you need your default file manager application
  • Open your storage in file manager and find for an option something like that and select that option to show hidden files
  • Now create a new folder and rename it ‘.anyname’
  • Now copy any types of files to this folder and find them on your gallery. You can also select ‘hide hidden files’
  • Now use common sense and try it and enjoy

Download Social Media Videos

  • Download social media videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc
  • Download Snaptube app from
  • Now to download YouTube videos open official YouTube app – > select a videos -> Click share and choose ‘download with snaptube’ option -> Choose a videos quality and download
  • To download videos other than YouTube, open the snaptube app directly