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Product Introduction

A printer is a peripheral device which makes a persistent of human readable representation of graphics and text on paper or similar physical media. In other words a printer is a device which is prints text or illustration on paper. With the development of technologies, there have been introduces various technologies for printing. There are a various types of printers like Ink-jet, dot-matrix, laser jet, line, LED/LCD, thermal etc. That have been made by Brother, Epson, Canon etc. They all are for different purpose.

Types of Printer

  • Inkjet printer
  • Laser printer
  • Dot-Matrix printer
  • Plotter

And finally we have 3D printer, we will discuss about this topic from this site home page…

History of Printing

  • In 1953 – The first high-speed printer was invented by Remington Rang
  • In 1964 – The first dot-matrix printer was marketed by IBM
  • In 1969 – Laser printer developed
  • In 1976 – Inkjet printer developed
  • Now it’s the period of 3D printer

Laser Versus Inkjet Printers

  • The toner or ink in laser printer is dry, In an inkjet, it is wet
  • An inkjet printer is about ten times more expensive to operate, over time, than a laser printer.
  • If printer is wet, the printed-paper from an inkjet printer might be smear, but a laser-printed document will not smear.
  • If printing needs are minimal, an inkjet printer is sufficient



Drum Replace Error solved

  • Make sure that the machine is turned ON
  • Open the front cover
  • press and hold OK for 2 seconds
  • Press the UP arrow key 1 to reset the drum counter.
  • Close the front cover

Replace Toner Error

  • Pull out data cable
  • Open front cover
  • Press menu buttom long time
  • When display msg press ok
  • Close front cover
Brother DCP-L2540DW

Brother DCP 1510

Fixing toner reset and toner end problem
brother 1510

Fixing toner reset and toner end problem

  • Press menu button
  • Go to system menu info
  • Go to reset drum option
  • Press OK button until showing reset or exit option
  • Press OK or start button
  • Press 10 times + button
  • If showing accepted it’s success

Brother mfc 7360

Toner End Problem

  • Open printer cover
  • Press clear button
  • Press start
  • press 10
  • If accepted it’s ok

Brother MFC – J220

Brother j220 inkjet printer
Brother J220 Inkjet printer

Ink absorb-er full problem

  • Remove the power cable from the printer and press the menu button.
  • Do not leave this button until you see the list of maintenance in display.
  • Wait a second and press 8 and 0 and press ok button
  • Use the buttons start (Mono+Color) until it reaches the purge
  • After reaches the purge press 2783 and press ok
  • Wait untill the value turn into Zero and press stop
  • Now press 99 and the printer will restart
  • Now your printer is ready to use